Social event

The participants of DDECS 2014 are invited to a guided tour of Warsaw on April 24. The sightseeing will start immediately after lunch and will include the Royal Łazienki park and the Old Town. The tour will end at the Kompania Piwna restaurant around 6.30pm.

Old Town of Warsaw

Old Town in Warsaw

This historic center of Warsaw dates back to the Middle Ages. Almost completely destroyed during World War II, it was reconstructed within a decade. This effort was appreciated by UNESCO by including the Old Town on its World Heritage List in 1980.
An illustrated list of the Old Town tourist attractions can be found on the official website of the Warsaw authorities.

Royal Łazienki park

Palace on the Isle

The Royal Łazienki, founded in the 17th century and largely restyled a hundred years later by the last king of Poland Stanisław August Poniatowski, is considered one of the most exquisite parks in the world. DDECS participants will have an opportunity to see a number of tourist attractions scattered throughout this giant 76-hectare park: former royal residence Palace on the Water (guided tour of its interior is part of the excursion), the Frederic Chopin monument, former presidential residence Belweder Palace, and many others.
Before we take you on a tour of this unique place, you can get a foretaste visiting its website.